One Day Less to Live

Annie Florence Morris: born in Grand Pré, Nova Scotia, in 1860; specifics of death unknown, but probably around 1933 in Arlington, Massachusetts.

Annie Florence Morris

Images, transcriptions, and historical notes on the 1927-1931 diaries of my 2nd great-grandmother, Annie Florence (Morris) Macdonald.

I’ve chosen the title “One Day Less to Live” from one of the many uplifting sentiments expressed in this amazing series of diary entries penned by a woman with strict Puritan-style standards and a strong opinion.

Cast of Characters:

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useful links:

Diary entries:

To be published on the day 88 years later, starting January 1st, 2015, with a break from May 30th, 2015, to the same day in 2018. Hope to pick back up again soon!


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