March 9, 1927: “full of lost souls”

Wednesday the ninth
A beautiful day but a very high wind, blew all night as if the air were full of lost souls no check. I cant apply myself to anything what can be the matter? never as late as this before. I hope + pray it comes tomorrow I don’t know what I shall do if it does not.


Let’s just recap what we know about this Ben Newcombe who who sends Annie a check every month:

  1. He was Lucy Parker‘s friend, according to a handwritten note by Audrey years later.
  2. There was a newspaper clipping in Annie’s scrapbook about a Cyrus Benjamin Newcomb, married to a Lela Madeline Lockhart.
  3. If this Cyrus Benjamin is the Ben who is sending Annie checks every month, he was closer to the age of her daughter than Annie herself (which makes sense if he’s friends with Lucy).
  4. Cyrus Benjamin used to work at the Acadian Recorder, a newspaper we know Annie reads.
  5. Cyrus’ wife, Lela, studied at Acadia Seminary and later taught violin in Hortonville.
  6. Cyrus and Lela married and settled in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a location which until now has had no connection with anyone else in the family tree.
  7. We don’t actually know for sure that this Cyrus Benjamin is THE Ben Newcombe Annie receives checks from.

So… basically I have no idea still!

On this day in history:March 9, 1927 (Wednesday)

Signed on September 23, 1926, the 1926 Slavery Convention, officially the Convention to Suppress the Slave Trade and Slavery, entered into force.

A neutrality pact was signed between Latvia and the Soviet Union, but was not ratified. A subsequent, and weaker, non-aggression pact was finally signed on February 5, 1932. The Republic of Latvia was incorporated into Soviet Union in 1940.

American balloonist Hawthorne C. Gray set an unofficial altitude record of 8,230 meters (27,000 feet) over Belleville, Illinois, but passed out in the thin air, regaining consciousness only after the balloon descended on its own. Gray would reach 12,945 meters on May 4, a record that would fail because he parachuted from the craft (at 3,830 m) landing. On November 4, he reached 12,192 meters but did not survive the trip.

Adolf Hitler made his first public speech after the Bavarian government lifted a two-year ban against his participation in political events.

(source: Wiki)


1927.03.09-11 - Annie F Morris diary

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