March 4, 1927: “gone in with her cards”

Friday the fourth
A fine day but the wind continues high which spoils the day for me. I cant endure a high wind it drives me wild, I cant work + I cant sleep. Have cleaned up the bedrooms which always makes me cross there is so much dirt it does not seem much use to try + clean + I get very tired. Edith has gone in with her cards. She is takeing them from a new place. a Miss Henderson in Park Sqr (?). Wont be back before five likely not them. Mrs Baldwin has not been in for a long time. dont know what is the trouble.


I’m not quite sure what she means by Edith “taking” the cards “from” a new place. Maybe she is continuously getting new ones? And now she is getting them from this Miss Henderson in Park Square?

Here’s a great shot of the Park Square district, taken in 1928, just a year after this entry:

Boston. Park Square district


1927.03.03-05 - Annie F Morris diary

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