February 1, 1927: “back doors + garages”

Feb. 1st 1927
February the first a bright sunny day. Dont feel as well as I did yesterday. If I could only get out of doors + see something beside back doors + garages. Darking up this p.m. going to be a storm of some sort. Audrea keeps well, thank the Lord.


Back doors and garages?! Where are they keeping her, in the alley? I’m confused by this.

Ideas? Do you think maybe that there’s a sitting room or something where she spends most of her time, and it’s located in the back of the house? In a previous entry, a reader was able to help me track down an historic map of the neighborhood. 81 Appleton Street is marked, with no name listed, in conjunction with 83 Appleton Street. Maybe it was a duplex and there was another family living there? If anyone can find any good resources on how houses in this area at this time worked, as far as where the garage would be (back alley or off the main road), please let me know!!


1927.01.31-02.02 - Annie F Morris diary

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