February 25, 1927: “I’m not going to live long”

Friday the twenty fifth
A terrible day + it rained all night too dark to see to read or sew. Was glad when it came time to turn on the light read David Copperfield + the papers + went to bed. fee very badly. some times think I’m not going to live long.


This one little line I thought was interesting: “when it came time to turn on the light”. I guess electricity was only to be used at night for the lights? Was this to reduce on cost? Was it just a social norm at the time? Or was it really not available until evening?

There’s David Copperfield again. Does she skip around and read from different books each night or read straight through and finish one at a time? I think she skips around a bit. Ya know. To keep life spicy.


1927.02.24-26 - Annie F Morris diary

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