March 13, 1927: “suffering comfort”

Sunday the thirteenth
a lovely morning. They’re all gone to Salem + I’m suffering comfort. I read + rest + “morte my soul”. The time is too short for all I have to do. Later they got back about nine thirty. Very depressed. In some ways I shall be glad when they stop going every Sunday tho I shall miss the quietness. There seems to be nothing but gloom + misery around us any one who could be happy or healthy in this atmosphere knows more than I do. I should judge Fred Parker like his new housekeeper very well


I’m unsure as to what “suffering comfort” means, and I have no idea what the “morte my soul” phrase is in reference to. Then she says she has too much to do, so is she basically just complaining about doing housework all day? Or has she been resting all day and is complaining about the quiet? It seems to me she’s got to get above this gloom and misery somehow! For our sakes at least!

Fred Parker got a new housekeeper, so maybe that answers the previous question. He went to get a new woman of the house, I guess.

On this day in history: March 13, 1927 (Sunday)

The leadership of the Kuomintang voted to fire Chiang Kai-shek from most of his leadership positions, except for commander of expeditionary forces. Generalissimo Chiang ignored the demotion and, after capturing Shanghai two weeks later, took absolute control over the Kuomintang.

(source: Wiki)


1927.03.12-13 - Annie F Morris diary

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