January 4, 1927: “loaded to the gunwales”

Tuesday 4th. Dreary + dull. Snowing lightly not fit for Audrea to go to school. My back is hurting one badly no strength. Edith + Audrea have gone accross to Mrs. Baldwins. Later. Had a thrill tonight. While Edith was getting dinner Amozelle rushed in loaded to the gunwales with venom + spite. All I could think of was a treed wild cat. She screeched + spit in a truly awesome way. It seems Ernest had gone home + reported something I don’t know what – but something about DeVerd. As usual when she is in one of her rages one could not make any sense out of what was saying – perhaps the neighbors can tell.

Notes + Explanations:

As far as the drama with Amozelle, Ernest and DeVerd, I don’t know what it’s referring to. I’m not even positive about the relationships. There is an Ernest who is brother to Ruth and DeVerd, all a part of the younger generation at this time. But there is also Amozelle’s husband, named Joshua Ernest, who may have gone by Ernest as well. We’ll have to pay attention to see how this drama unfolds (or if). 

“The expressions ‘full to the gunwales’ or ‘packed to the gunwales’ were first used as literal references to heavily loaded ships… The non-nautical use of the phrase didn’t come about until the 20th century.” (Source: Phrases.org.uk)

Original Diary Pages:

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