March 12, 1927: “cut her hair + banged it”

Saturday the twelfh
Very pleasant + warm. Audrea went with her mother for violin lesson. Ruth came down in p.m. + stayed untill nine o’clock Clarence cut her hair + banged it_ expect Amozelle will not like it but he would do it. He took her home in the car Audrea went too. Read some in D.C. + went to bed.


Clarence cutting hair?! Well, it seems we had barbers on all sides of my family then. Audrey went on to marry a Sicilian-American who came from a whole family of Italian barbers.


Example of bangs in 1920s:

bangs in 1927

On this day in history: March 12, 1927 (Saturday)

The Kreta Ayer Incident in Singapore turned much of the Chinese community in the British colony against the colonial administration. Demonstrators, observing the anniversary of the death of Sun Yat-sen, were fired upon by police after stopping in front of a precinct station at Kreta Ayer, and six people were killed.

Outside the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, and assassination attempt was made against Soviet Politburo member Nikolai Bukharin. The Soviets claimed that the failed crime had been the work of British intelligence agents, and a group of “counterrevolutionaries” were executed on June 9, 1927. In 1938, Bukharin himself was accused of plotting against the government and was executed.

(source: Wiki)


1927.03.12-13 - Annie F Morris diary

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