May 18, 1927: “letter from May Steadman”

Wed. 18th Dull. Got a letter from May Steadman. They got down to Bath in the late p.m. Stopping in Brunswick for lunch. Nothing to write about. Read aloud + went to bed.


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ON MAY 17, 1927 (TUESDAY)
  • The planned transatlantic flight of Lloyd W. Bertaud and Clarence D. Chamberlin, who were racing against Lindbergh and Byrd to become the first persons to fly an airplane from New York to Paris, was cancelled after an argument between the two fliers and their chief backer, Charles A. Levine.[37]
  • The town of Melville, Louisiana, population 1,028 was destroyed when a levee on the Atchafalaya River gave way.[38]
On this day in history: May 18, 1927 (Wednesday)
  • Bath School bombings: At Bath Township, Michigan, 36 schoolchildren and 5 adults were killed by dynamite charges that had been placed underneath the local school. Andrew Kehoe, who had been treasurer of the township school board, had planted the bombs under the north wing, which housed 110 pupils and instructors, and the south wing, with 150 more. On the morning of the last day of classes, Kehoe set a two-minute timer and drove away, and at 9:43 a.m., the explosives under the north wing detonated. A short circuit in one of the wires prevented the destruction of the south wing. Kehoe, who had murdered his wife earlier and blew up his house and farm, killed himself and three other people half an hour later, detonating a car bomb while sitting in his Ford truck. With 41 deaths, the bombings remain the deadliest act of mass murder at a school in U.S. history.[40]

(source: Wiki)


1927.05.15-19 - Annie F Morris diary

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