February 2, 1927: “blow one off their feet”

Feb 2nd Did not storm after all, the sun shines bright but a very high wind enough to blow one off their feet. Edith is working on her cards + I am doing what little I can around the house cant do much. This evening began to read the “sky pilot” aloud Audrea likes it very much.


Enough to blow one off their feet! Oh my. That is high.

Edith is working on her tarot cards again, ok.

And we’ve started a new form of entertainment. “Sky Pilot”, by Canadian author Ralph Connor (no, not the 1968 song of same name by The Animals), sold over a million copies when it came out in 1899. I am a fan of this one website’s review of the book:

If you like an old fashioned, nostalgic, highly sentimental tale you could characterize it as a charming little story or if not, maybe something akin to incredibly lame. I’m sticking to the middle of the road – lame but with some merit.

(Source: ManyBooks.net)

Hehe. “Lame but with some merit”.

(image credits: book, film poster)

However lame it was, it was apparently made into a silent film in 1921, directed by King Vidor and featuring Colleen Moore.


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2 thoughts on “February 2, 1927: “blow one off their feet”

  1. Dorothy Paxton says:

    scroll down for info on Ernest (Joshua) Morris 1891 Canadian Census. So could this be who Annie was upset about?/ Have to find death date to make sure. from Dottie

    Boarding with this family

    Name: Ernest Morris
    Gender: Male
    Marital Status: Single
    Age: 21
    Birth Year: abt 1870
    Birthplace: Nova Scotia
    Relation to Head-of-house:Lodger
    Religion: Methodist
    French Canadian: No
    Father’s Birth Place: Nova Scotia
    Mother’s Birth Place: Nova Scotia
    Province: Nova Scotia
    District Number: 37
    District: Kings
    Subdistrict: Harbourville
    Neighbors: View others on page
    Household Members:
    Name Age
    Peter Connors 55
    Esther Connors 45
    William Connors 23
    Annie L Connors 21
    Beriah Connors 16
    Ingram B Connors 13
    Ernest Morris 21

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