March 2, 1927: “a delightful personality”

Wednesday the second
A beautiful day, According to the weather man we were to have had snow hail + sleet + very much colder. I wish I could get paid for what I didn’t know. I would be rich. This is John’s birthday. He would have been seventy years old. How ridiculous it seems. If we could only have stayed together I would not have minded the years. It seems as if I have been alone the greater part of my life. I will not even have anyone to come to my funeral. I wish I had been given a delightful personality, but I wasn’t + as I am so near the end now I’ll get along someway I suppose. Edith tried to call on Mrs. Baldwin but she was not at home. She then went to Mrs Johnson’s but with no better success. Had dinner, read aloud + went to bed.


This is my favorite entry to date! “I wish I had been given a delightful personality, but I wasn’t”. Her self-awareness is admirable!

John Wesley Macdonald, born 1857 in Portland, Maine. Died in 1909 in Somerville, Massachusetts.

John Wesley Macdonald, born 1857 in Portland, Maine. Died in 1909 in Somerville, Massachusetts.

So, today would have been her husband, John’s, birthday. It’s sweet how much she misses him. John Wesley Macdonald was born March 2nd, in Portland, Maine. I don’t know much of anything about his early life, other than the fact that his parent’s names were William Macdonald and Jane McCoombs or McCombs. I welcome any information readers may come across.

As an adult he was quite active in the local political scene of Somerville, Massachusetts, being elected to City Council several times. The Boston Herald archives have many articles mentioning his political career.

He passed away in 1909, after a couple years of illness, from hardening of the arteries, and is supposedly buried in Oak Grove Cemetery in Medford, Massachusetts. I say “supposedly” because I went there the last time I was passing through Boston, but I couldn’t find his grave.

The Macdonald name is a pretty difficult one to trace, and the records I’ve been able to find from Maine are not as detailed as their Massachusetts counterparts. I have a couple leads on who his parents could have been, but nothing definitive. In one article, however, there is mention of his brother, Fred.

On this day in history: March 2, 1927 (Wednesday)

Babe Ruth signed a new contract with the New York Yankees, calling for a then-record salary of $70,000 per year. The next best paid Yankee player wasHerb Pennock, at $17,500 Wayne Stewart,

The discovery, by teenagers Frank Horton Jr. and Leonard Taylor, of high grade gold ore in Nevada, set off a modern day gold rush that attracted thousands of prospectors to the area. The town of Weepah, Nevada sprang up near Tonopah. Within three months, the rush was over, and the Weepah was almost totally deserted by August.

(source: Wiki)


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