June 29, 1927: “I mean an artificial light”

Wednesday 29 A dull + rainy day so dark we need a light to see what we are doing. I mean an artificial light. Dont feel very well and dreading Edith going away. feel very babyish + lonesome. Amozelle came in + had some dinner which she seemed to enjoy. We shall miss her running in. Did a little mending. Katherine Blasdale run in with Audrea’s sweater. After she went I read aloud in the “Depot Master” + went to bed.


coming soon…

On this day in history: June 29, 1927 (Wednesday)
  • total eclipse of the sun took place with the moon’s shadow covering the United Kingdom shortly after sunrise. As a contemporary account noted, “This is the first total eclipse of the sun that has visited Great Britain since 1724 and it will be the last seen here until 1999“.[61] The next eclipse would take place as predicted on August 11, 1999.[62]
  • Pilots Maitland and Hegneberger completed their trans-Pacific journey at 6:31 am local time, landing at what Wheeler Army Airfield in Honolulu.[63]
  • Filming of the MGM motion picture The Trail of ’98 was marred by the deaths of stuntman Ray Thompson, and actors Joseph Bautin, F.H. Daughters. The three were filming a scene on the rapids of the Copper River in Alaska. On the same day, actress Ethel Hall was killed on the Merced River during the filming of the silent western Tumbling River, starring Tom Mix and Dorothy Dwan (for whom Miss Hall was standing in).[64]
  • In a major turning point in his spiritual and literary life, author T. S. Eliot was baptized into the Church of England.[65]
  • The city of Laguna Beach, California was incorporated.[66]

(source: Wiki)


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