February 27, 1927: “life is hard”

Sunday the twenty seventh
A lovely day but colder. They have all gone to Salem to try + comfort Lu. Her father goes to housekeeping on tuesday – pretty hard for poor Lucy. They have come home feeling greatly depressed. almost a bad as the day of the funeral. Life is hard.


What does that mean, that he “goes to housekeeping”? Is there some location where a widow can bring his laundry and mending and have housekeeping done for him outside the home? Is it hard on Lucy because she should be able to do those things, but can’t?

Is he going to this housekeeping place to find a new wife? Or at least a woman to take Mattie’s place in the house? And that’s why it’s hard on Lucy?

I’m so confused by this sentence. Readers, do you know what he’s talking about?


1927.02.26-28 - Annie F Morris diary

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