January 10, 1927: “like snow before the sun”

Mon 10 Audrea went to school today cold in her head but seems to feel well. a bright pleasant day + some warmer. Edith left for Boston at eleven thirty. Had quite a lot of shopping to do don’t know when she will get home or how she is going to carry her parcels should have had Clarence go after her but you can’t depend on him this weather. Had a dreadful time to get started this morning. Edith got home about a quarter to four very tired. Bought a bedspread, curtains for my room a slip for me also crepe for three dresses, one yellow for herself + a green one also a pink for me. A pair of silk stockings + a brassiere for herself. Ten dollars for McManus + my thirty dollars have melted away like snow before the sun. Thank a kind providence I had it to spend. This evening read some more in the Madcap + went to bed. slept well.

Notes + explanations:

Hmm, I wonder who this “McManus” is who requires 10 of her 30 dollars from cousin Ben Newcombe. One reader has suggested that he/she may be the violin teacher, as that would have cost quite a bit of money at the time. We shall see!

If you’re interested in seeing what the crepe dresses might have looked like, this Pinterest board has a good array of 1920’s ladies fashion. Edith’s dresses may have looked like some of these:

Another link, sent to me by a reader, shows a more conservative dress which would more accurately reflect Annie’s clothing (seeing as how she is 67 at the time of this diary).

 Historical Context:

Fritz Lang’s silent science fiction film Metropolis had its world premiere at the Ufa-Palast am Zoo in Berlin.

In a special message to Congress, President Coolidge said that the 15 American warships and 5,000 members of the Navy and the Marines would be dispatched toward Nicaragua and Mexico to protect American interests. On the same day, the U.S. Department of the Navy announced that 800 U.S. Marines would be sent to China to for the same purpose, to be transported from Guam by the cruiser USS Huron.

(source – Wiki)

Original diary pages:

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