January 21, 1927: “cross + growly”

Friday 21st Audrea did not go to school this a.m. was a wreck stayed in bed untill just time to get ready for school this p.m. Edith and I are wrecked, so lame + tired. Clarence came home with a puncture – picked up a tack somewhere was cross + growly has been known to be in that condition before. They left for Salem at five minutes of five. Salem “The City of Peace” how long will it deserve its name after he gets into it. Here’s hoping. Has rained all day dark + gloomy.

Notes + Explanations:

Well. Clarence sounds like a delight. Of course, there’s also the possibility that his “cross + growly” disposition could also be a side effect of having to live with his mother-in-law. Who knows!

So, in case you were wondering, Salem is called the “City of Peace” for the following reason:

Salem, located at the mouth of the Naumkeag river at the site of an ancient Native American village and trading center, was first settled by Europeans in 1626, when a company of fishermen from Cape Ann led by Roger Conant arrived. Conant’s leadership had provided the stability to survive the first two years, but he was immediately replaced by John Endecott, one of the new arrivals, by order of the Massachusetts Bay Company. Conant graciously stepped aside and was granted 200 acres (0.81 km2) of land in compensation. These “New Planters” and the “Old Planters” agreed to cooperate, in large part due to the diplomacy of Conant and Endicott. In recognition of this peaceful transition to the new government, the name of the settlement was changed to Salem, a hellenized form of the word for “peace” in Hebrew שלום (shalom), and the name mentioned several times in the Bible and traditionally associated with Jerusalem.

(source: Wiki)

I’m curious about all these “tacks” that people used to pick up. Why are there so many tacks floating around the streets of 1927? Or does the word refer to anything sharp and pointy that can puncture the tire? The only place I remember using tacks in my lifetime was on the billboards at my elementary school. Were there a whole bunch of absent-minded teachers littering the streets with tacks on their way to work?

Historical Context:

On this day – January 21st, 1927…

The Movietone sound system, developed by Fox Film Corporation (later 20th Century Fox) was first demonstrated to the public, at the Sam H. Harris Theatre in New York City. Shown by a movie projector equipped to play sound-on-film, the one-reel film preceded the feature presentation, What Price Glory?. Though not quite synchronized, the film included the sight and sound of popular singer Raquel Meller.

(source: Wiki)

Original Diary Page:

1927.01.19.21 - Annie F Morris diary

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One thought on “January 21, 1927: “cross + growly”

  1. Al says:

    Clarence is in another one of his moods. He just got the electrical problem resolved and now he’s got a flat tire! Does it ever end? Edith’s very busy reading tarot cards all day. Audrey is staying up late and most likely ornery as all get out. Annie is bored. We have a long ways to go before the weather transitions into budding trees and sunshine!!

    Mrs. Johnson is not well, can things get any worst? Time to pull out the tarot cards. Where is life leading us? Ahhh…….there we go Temperance. This group must come together and start functioning as one. Perhaps Annie’s ailments are psychological? Inner balance is the path to harmony. I hope Annie finds some balance soon, she’s truly depressed.

    Alright Mariana, what does your crystal ball tell us? I hope you don’t mind my joking around . I like Edith, I’d have her read the cards for me while Audrey plays the violin for ambiance. ” Les Beautes Du Diable” it’s my favorite!! Annie wouldn’t like it or maybe she would laugh with me? I’d talk to Annie about what she’s reading. Clarence I think I’d stay out of his way!! Do you think he had to change the tire somewhere on those cold New England Streets? Poor guy.


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