January 9, 1927: “the usual Sunday atmosphere”

Sunday 9th A pleasant day but cold. The usual Sunday atmosphere pervades the place. Edith nervous + irritable Clarence sleepy + stupid Audrea yawning between intervals of reading. I wish some congenial person would come in – but I know no that come under that head. Pot roast for dinner. After dinner read from the “Madcap” a colonial story very interesting. Went to bed but could not sleep untill after seven o’clock.

Notes + Explanations:

Ouch! So, she’s not a big fan of her son-in-law, Clarence, apparently.

I’m a bit confused by the “Madcap” reference. The only book I can find that she could be referencing is this The Hidden Hand; Or, Capitola the Madcap. But it doesn’t quite seem like something Annie would be down with; check out the synopsis from Goodreads.com:

E.D.E.N. Southworth was one of the most popular and prolific writers of the nineteenth century and her Capitola Black, or Black Cap – a cross-dressing, adventure-seeking girl-woman – was so well-loved that the book was serialized three times between 1859 and 1888 and was dramatized in forty different versions. When we first meet sharp and witty Capitola she is living among beggars and street urchins, and dressed as a boy because a boy can get work and be safe, whereas a girl is left to starve for want of “proper” employment. Unknown to her, Capitola has a very rich elderly guardian who finds her at a providential moment and takes her back to his palatial mansion where she finds herself “decomposing above ground for want of having my blood stirred.” But not to fear. There are bandits, true-loves, evil men, long-lost mothers, and sweet women friends in Capitola’s future – not to mention thunder storms, kidnap attempts, and duels. The pace is fast, the action wonderfully unbelievable. This is escape literature at its nineteenth-century best, with a woman at its center who makes you feel strong, daring, and reckless.

What do you think? Different Madcap, or does Annie have a wild side?

Original Diary Page:

1927.01.09-10 - Annie F Morris diary

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