February 3, 1927: “dont want to know”

Feb 3rd The weather is partly cloudy. once in a while the sun comes out but the wind does not blow for which I am thankful. Did a little house work, then some mending for the family. In the evening read aloud untill time for Audrea to go to bed. Had indigestion badly. Dont know what is the trouble with me – dont want to know. four weeks Tuesday since Amozelle has been in. She is afraid to come I suppose, should think she would be.


Well that was cryptic. What happened 4 weeks ago again? Let’s go over what drama has happened with Amozelle so far:

  • January 2nd, 1927: Edith is given the cold shoulder when Amozelle does not invite her and Clarence in after driving Ruth home.
  • January 4th, 1927: Drama ensued after Amozelle showed up at the house “loaded to the gunwales with venom + spite” over something Ernest had told her about Deverd. We don’t know what, though!
  • January 5th, 1927: Annie seems to have expected Amozelle to show up again, but apparently she was a no-show.
  • January 16th, 1927: The household receives a note from Amozelle written “in her usual crazy style”, and Annie dismisses the whole lot of the Lester cousins as “starved souls”.

And now Amozelle is “afraid to come”. Annie seems to be quite specific about the last time Amozelle came to visit – “four weeks Tuesday”. So that January 4th visit definitely made an impression! WHAT did Deverd do?

My guess is that it has to do with the various parental units in charge over this array of children. I would expect Amozelle to be disapproving of her nephew, Deverd’s, charge over Clarence Thomas and Chris… as well as perhaps of her other nephew, Ernest, who may have been left to his own devices in the wake of his mother’s death. (See here for a review on how all the Lester cousins are related)

Or is Amozelle afraid to come because Annie laid the smack down on her? Maybe Amozelle got reprimanded for spewing venom, instead of just trying to be polite, and that’s why she’s scared to return to the house.

Annie’s health is also of concern here. She is choosing blissful ignorance apparently… well, maybe not so blissful.


1927.02.02-04 - Annie F Morris diary

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