Fred Wilson

The great mystery of Fred Wilson:

I recently discovered a photo of Edith with a young man, and on the back it was written: “Fred Wilson – engaged to Edith for 13 years!!!” We had never head of a Fred Wilson prior to this finding.

Then, I recently discovered that Edith and Clarence were married five days after Audrey was born!

1916.02.22. Marriage of Clarence Lester to Edith Macdonald

Now, I know Annie would not have approved of that. My question is… Was Clarence really Audrey’s dad, and they got pregnant out of wedlock very suddenly? Or was he a stand in for this Fred who shirked his duties? Intriguing, no?

Of course, “Fred Wilson” is the most common name ever, proving it very difficult to find him with little else information. Oh the mystery!




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