1920-50c. undated letter to Audrey outlining Lester Steadman genealogy

Among the findings in the Captain’s Sea Chest was this letter, describing to Audrey Lester her genealogy. I’m not sure who it was from, and I’m sure I made several mistakes in the transcription. It was very tricky to read! Please let me know in the comments if you spot anything to correct!


For Audrey Leicester
File this carefully away and do not lose it

The name Steadman – or Stedman came from – Stedda – who settled near what is now known – as Stedenham in England. This was in the 5th Century and lived there until birth of him – who was known as “Duke of Arcadia” and whose son was – John Stedman — the names John, Thomas + James names(?) all way (then?) the Genealogy.

This place was just known as Steddas-Ham or – meaning homestead – home.

From the John – son of Duke of Arcadia, almost certainly descended all persons named in similar style – with about 100 variations – Sted – Stead – Stead (mans) etc.

They are formal recorded in Great Britain – Holland – Germany – Canada + Australia + United States.

A few came directly from the Scandinavian countries, from which the man “Stedda” originally came – having been a Norseman then, sometimes called Norman.

The Scotch line had an only child – (that is ??? line so this man in California writes me – also his direct line) a daughter in 14th Century at Edinburg Scotland – who married Sir Andrew Barton(?) whose name was Charles – descended from Radolphous – in 1192.

Barton assumed name + “Arms” of the Ste- or Steadman family and from which union is principally descended the Lester branch of the Stedmans.

They descended from Parisienne Ste-, who was of Edinburg Scotland 1300

A branch of the Duke family went also to Wales – Branches from Scotland went all over the world – being the most progressive ??????? of them all.

Thomas Stedman of South Kingston, R.I. married Hannah McCoon was our latest common ancestor – he was father to the Canadian immigrant – John who was fifth (5th) generation.

John the 5th removed 1760 to Cornwallis Nova Scotia from South Kingston R.I. being the oldest son of Thomas and Hannah 7/21 – 1725 – he went to Canada as a surveyor of lands vacated by the Arcadians – John 6th married Hannah Harris + his birth 4/19 – 1765, Hannah’s birth 8/17 – 1771

Original letter:

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3 thoughts on “1920-50c. undated letter to Audrey outlining Lester Steadman genealogy

  1. Shirley (Steadman) McAnally says:

    This is so very interesting to me since the only information I had on the STEDMAN family was after about 1645. The story goes there were three Stedmans arriving in the US and from my files no one seem to know if they were related. There was some indication that my line might have come from the Bartons — I wonder about that if there was only one child as pointed out above. I would like to copy the above as backup research for my family line with your approval. I’ve bookmarked this site for the future. Thanks for all your hard work. I enjoyed the daily writings. I believe Amos Steadman was my grandfather’s older brother and of course, May, according to my records was Amos’ wife. I have a couple of letters Amos wrote his brother. Plan to keep in touch with you through this site. (Just installed a new email address today.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • M says:

      Shirley! I have been trying to contact you via the email address you sent me on Ancestry.com (I’m dearmariana!). The first ones I sent with all the photos never got a reply, and then today I tried again and the email bounced back to me. I see here that you put a comcast address, whereas the other one you gave me was earthlink… I’ll try it now!


      • Shirley McAnally says:

        Sorry about your problem w/accessing my email. I just returned from a 2 week road trip — the reason for the late reply. My new email address is: shirleyjay263@comcast.net. I’ve been trying to catch up on my email so haven’t checked Ancestry yet. I’ll let you know if I received the pictures. I’ll keep in touch, Shirley (Steadman) McAnally


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