The Baldwins

So who were the Baldwins who appear so frequently in Annie’s diaries?

From the way she describes them, it seems that they are family friends of some sort, as well as neighbors from the same Arlington Heights community.

Edith and Audrey walk down to the Baldwin house, so they must not live too far away. And Mr. Baldwin seems to have musical knowledge of some sort because, according to Annie, he thinks Audrey has some talent at the violin.

I’ve check the census records for 1920 and found that there was, indeed, a Baldwin family living just around the corner from Annie and her daughter’s family. The members of the family were:

  • William Baldwin, head of household and listed as a Public Accountant
  • Mary Eva, his wife, maiden name Harriman
  • Doris, his eldest daughter, age 18 in 1920
  • Ramona, his second daughter, age 12 in 1920
  • Josephine Harriman, his mother-in-law



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