Mary Edith Olga Macdonald

Mary Edith Olga was quite a mouthful, so she went by “Edith”Macdonald most of the time.

For some reason her obituary says she was born in Brighton, but her birth records show that they were living on Newton Street in Somerville, Massachusetts, 1880.

She had no siblings and I don’t know a lot about her early life. I assume that she lived with her parents until her marriage. However, there is some mystery around this part of her life, as I have found a photo of a young man named Fred Wilson to whom she was engaged for 13 years. This was found at the same time as evidence that she got married 5 days after the birth of her daughter, Audrey. So when and how she met her eventual husband, Clarence Lester, is not clear.

For most of the 1910s and 20s, Edith, Clarence and Audrey lived on Appleton Street in both addresses 81 and 85. Sometime in the mid 30s they moved to Highland Avenue, still in Arlington.

In 1947 they moved to Plympton according to Edith’s obituary from two years later. She was 67 at the age of her death – the same age at which Annie is writing the diaries on this website.

Edith’s obituary reads:

Mrs. Edith Lester of Plympton Dies
Mrs. Edith (Macdonald) Lester, 69, wife of Clarence M. Lester of Spring Street, Plympton, formerly of Arlington, died yesterday in a Dorchester rest home after a 10-weeks’ illness.
Born in Brighton, she lived in Arlington for 33 years before moving to Plympton two years ago. She was a member of the Plympton Grange and formerly belonged to the Arlington Woman’s Club.
… Funeral services will be held tomorrow at 2 pm in the Hartwell Chapel, 792 Massachusetts Avenue, Arlington.

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