1900c. “Councilman John W. Macdonald”

Councilman John W MacdonldCouncilman John W. Macdonald was born in Portland, Me., in 1857, where he lived until six years of age, when his parents removed to East Boston, in which place he was educated, graduating from the Prescott School. After graduation he removed to East Cambridge and entered the employ of a Boston drug house, but was obliged to leave it on account of ill-health. Later he entered the employ of Seavey & Co. at their factory in East Cambridge, and subsequently was engaged by the Dover Stamping Company, where he worked for several years and where he was considered an adept in stamping. He is at present assistant superintendent for Waldo Brothers, dealers in tools and building materials, Boston. Mr. Macdonald has lived in this city for six years, and believes thoroughly in its welfare. He is earnest, genial, and fraternal. he is at present master workman of the Knights of Labor. He resides on Boston street.



2 thoughts on “1900c. “Councilman John W. Macdonald”

    • dearmariana says:

      Yeah, I don’t know what that’s about… A pharmaceutical company? That he had to leave because of ill health? Ironic. Must have been something on that scary list in your link!! He did eventually die quite young…


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