1870-90: undated letter from Annie to her mother

Here’s a letter probably dated sometime between 1870-90, when Annie was a young woman or girl, written to her mother, Mary Ann (Cogswell) Morris. She signs it “Anna F  Morris”, but I don’t know if that necessarily means she was still unmarried when she wrote it. She refers to a “we” that could either be she and her young husband, John Wesley Macdonald. Or it could be someone else she is living with, as it seems that she and her widowed mother lived with one of the Cogswell sisters’ families for a while. Most of these families had homes both back in Nova Scotia, as well as down in Portland or Boston.

The mention of “Aunt Susan” actually leads to some interesting information about Annie’s past. I’m still trying to understand how it’s all related, but Susan Cogswell was Mary Ann’s sister. Her death certificate shows that she lived at the same address as John Wesley Macdonald when he died. So clearly this was a close aunt, with whom Annie lived later in her life… and perhaps also earlier.


My Dear Mother
I received your letter was very glad to get it ought to have answered it before but pu toff thinking you would come on when Miss Cummings did, then I heard she had come without you. She came here yesterday and finished my dress the next day I like my dress very much. I think the way the sleeves are made very pretty and it fitted very well rather to short in the shouldern I am much obliged for the little book you sent me I had one like it before which Aunt Susan sent to me last summer but I shall have two one to remember you by and one to remember Aunt Susan
Thank you for the Broach you sent that dear little broach it made me think so much of you as soon as I saw it I remember it was Mothers got money to buy a lot of present for me it is you not the things you bring us that we want to see
Now Mother I want you to make up your mind to come on this summer dont stop to think about it but pack up and come right on I must now close with many thanks for the dress I remain your loving Child
Anna F Morris


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