January 28, 1927: “a more secluded life”

Friday the twenty eighth
Dull and threating rain all day. + did rain at night. My back is a little better but I can’t stand on my feet long because it pains so. Had dinner read some + went to bed. No nun’s could lead a more secluded life than we do, poor Audry is growing up in total ignorance of anything beyond her school + her home.


“Threating”? Yes, apparently, “threating” is a valid archaic form of “threatening”. So there ya go. Poor Annie. Not only does she lead a more secluded life than a nun, but she apparently has  Floating Apostrophe Syndrome.

Ok, enough picking on grammar and punctuation. I should not be one to speak!

It’s a bit funny that she wishes Audrey could see more outside their home, when according to Audrey, Annie was the one who never let her go out to play. But who knows. It’s difficult to tell what’s really going on in the house, and I’m guessing we get quite a biased view from Annie for better and/or worse. She seems to approach the diary keeping as one would a record or log of events, for posterity.

Side note: You might have noticed that there are occasionally some passages in the original diary entries that are underlined or otherwise marked in red pencil. In case you hadn’t already guessed, those would be the markings of Audrey, reading these diaries as an adult years later (I’m not sure when). She has marked in red many of the sections where she, herself, is mentioned. I think later on she even starts adding little asides and commentary.


1927.01.27-28 - Annie F Morris diary

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