January 11, 1927: “imperils her health + perhaps her life”

Tuesday. 11. A terrible storm snow + sleet + a heavy wind. Poor Audrea went to school this a.m. but no school signal sounded twenty minutes of one. should have done so this morning. Audrea would not have gone anyway. I don’t believe in sending a child to school when it imperils her health + perhaps her life to go. Clarence had a hard time getting home. his car short circuited had just got it fixed. discouraging weather. Have been expecting Lu Parker this week but looks doubtful if she gets here, will take some time to clear the streets. finished book + went to bed.

Notes + explanations:

Quite a terrible snow storm, indeed. 23.37 cm, to be exact and according to Wunderground’s historical weather data. It looks like that is in fact the record high for snowfall on January 11th in Boston. 

I wonder a lot about what car Clarence had. He worked at the big Hood Rubber Company factory (which eventually became B.F. Goodrich) in Watertown, so my guess is that he knew a fair deal about cars. He probably was doing all the fixing himself.

“Lu Parker” is Lucy Parker (married name Hindle), Edith’s long time best friend. Here is a couple of cute photos of them together as teenagers. Lucy was in bed sick with jaundice (according to the handwriting on the back of the photo), and I guess Edith was having sympathy pains.

Looks like Annie has finished the Madcap book. Let’s see what she reads next…

Historical Context:

On this day – January 11, 1927…

Thirty-six Hollywood celebrities gathered at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles and founded the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, for the purpose of acknowledging cinematic excellence. The Academy’s awards for motion picture industry would later be nicknamed “The Oscars”.

The American freighter John Tracy, with 27 men on board, foundered and sank off of Cape Cod during a winter storm. Wreckage, including the vessel’s nameplate was recovered ten days later.

(source – Wiki)

Original diary pages:

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6 thoughts on “January 11, 1927: “imperils her health + perhaps her life”

  1. Al says:

    Hi Mariana, Just a few questions. Annie is living with her daughter or is it that Edith and Clarence are living with her? I’m thinking that Ben Newcombe is handling her husbands estate and sending her an allowance each month?

    http://oasis.lib.harvard.edu/oasis/deliver/~bak00172 Just in case you haven’t seen this, the Hood Rubber Company was sold to Goodrich in 1929. Many people at this date owned cars thanks to Henry Ford. Auto’s did not do well in the snow and ice back in the day.

    Was your GG Grandfather a fisherman?

    Love what you’re doing here, a beautiful telling of your family history.



    • dearmariana says:

      Al, you’re proving to be very helpful! Thank you so much!!
      To answer your questions, Annie is living with Edith and Clarence on Appleton Street in Arlington. She sometimes speaks of her “old home” with her husband, John. That would have been on Elm Street. It’s possible, but unlikely that Ben would be handling John’s estate. It would more likely be someone on John’s side of the family I would think. But I don’t know, perhaps… it seems that the two families were all intertwined anyway. It’s 40 dollars each month, which is not a small amount. I have a scrapbook where in my grandmother’s handwriting it says that he was a friend of Lucy Parker’s and also had some relationship with Annie where he sent her this money, but she asks “why?” at the end of it. I’ll upload it to a page on Ben and put the link here in a minute. Mystery!!

      Thanks for that Harvard link, I did see that! Great photos. In fact, Clarence eventually transferred to Dallas and worked (and eventually retired from) BF Goodrich there.

      My GG grandfather, John Wesley Macdonald, is an interesting case as well. He’s a dead end for me, actually, in the family tree search. I can’t get anything concrete on his family. His occupation early on alternated in records from Horse Car Conductor (in fact there’s a newspaper article describing a wreck he was in) and “tinsmith”… then later on “salesman”. He also had a long political career at the city council level in Somerville.

      Thanks for reading and helping out, Al! I have so many questions about this mysterious family that my grandmother claimed to not have!


      • Al says:

        It’s interesting you mention Somerville because my grand parents were married there. Do you happen to know anything about the Brown’s and Burn’s from that area? Long shot for sure just thought I’d throw that out there any how. My grand father was also a trolley conductor however I don’t know if that was electric or horse. I would be interested in the newspaper report if you could send me a link. Just a thought, do you have your gg grandfather’s will? There are some strange connections here? If I understand correctly she’s very generous as she’s spending her money on the house and and others. Have you checked the deeds of her home? Just thinking.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. dearmariana says:

    Small world! I do not know the Browns/Burns, no, but I’ll keep an eye out!
    I’m tracking down the trolley article now – I’ll do a page on John and a page on Annie to house that info. He then went on to work for Waldo Bros, if I remember correctly.

    Yeah, she doesn’t strike me as particularly “generous” in nature, but she does end up contributing her money to the household… which is odd. How does one track down a will or deeds?


    • Al says:

      My people were in Somerville about 1914 so the trolley would have been electric by that date. Somerville is a large place but one never knows. You are going to have some time with the deed as you are so far away. Maybe you know people in the area that will help? You can trace the deed through the town hall records they are all public. They should be there. A “Will” will be with the court probate office. I think each city works just a bit differently you’ll have to check how that works.


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