April 16, 1927: “a beautiful Easter lilly”

Saturday the sixteenth
A pleasant day. Audrea + her mother went for her violin lesson. Did well in the p.m. they went shopping for the weeks groceries + Sundays dinner + got Audrea some new pumps. Worked so late at bedrooms there was no evening. no thats a mistake they were very late getting home nearly nine o’clock + met the Bennets + stayed + talked + talked with me fuming + starving in the house Edith brought me a beautiful Easter lilly but I was so nervous + upset I guess she tho’t I did not appreciate it, but I did. Ate + the rest of the family went directly to bed after their baths.


Great Mississippi Flood of 1927: The largest recorded rainfall in American history began, causing the Mississippi River to overflow its banks. In New Orleans, a record was set with 14.94 inches (379 mm) of rain in 24 hours.

Thomas Townsend Brown applied for a patent for “A Method of Producing Force or Motion”, that used high voltage in capacitors to produce a propulsive force that he thought was anti-gravity. British patent #300,311 was issued in 1928. Brown would later name this force the Biefeld-Brown effect.

On this day in history: April 16, 1927 (Saturday)

Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 The first break in the flood controlling levee system along the Mississippi River took place at Dorena, Missouri, and other levees soon followed. Eventually, 27,000 square miles (70,000 km2) of land in seven states would be underwater, 130,000 homes would be destroyed, and 246 people would be dead.

Four well-known aviators (Richard E. Byrd, Anthony Fokker, Floyd Bennett, and George O. Norville) were injured in a crash, during the first test-flight, of Admiral Byrd’s plane America, which they had intended to use in the first non-stop airplane flight between New York and Paris. The Orteig Prize would be won the following month by Charles Lindbergh.

(source: Wiki)


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