January 27, 1927: “if only I could get out”

Thursday the twenty seventh.
A bright + beautiful day + I am thankful to say some what warmer. In some ways I am a little better but so nervous. If I could only get out, but that is impossible. I that when I got money I could do so much for my self but I cant do anything I had planned on.

Notes + Explanations

Ok, so now I’m really curious about what ails Annie so much that she can’t leave the house. And why would money change that?

As a side note, I thought I would make a small note on the weather report that Annie starts with each day. While her assessments were likely to have taken place regardless, I thought you might be interested to know that 1927 was actually a very strange year for weather in Boston.

According to the book I’m reading, “One Summer: America 1927”, this was actually one of the rainiest and gloomiest periods of weather in American history:

“Between the late summer of 1926 and the following spring, enough precipitation fell on the forty-eight United States, by one calculation, to make a cube of water 250 miles across on each side.” (Kindle Location 826)

So Annie is not at all being dramatic in saying that a little bit of sun is a lot to be thankful for. 

Original Diary Pages:

1927.01.26-27 - Annie F Morris diary

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