February 28, 1927: “keep her at home”

Monday the twenty eighth
A beautiful day + Audrea starts school again. I begrudge her to the school. Would like to keep her at home + away from bad influences. Clarence has a bad cold, but they have gone to the “movies” hope Edith gets cheered up.


Well this explains why my grandmother always said she was never allowed out when she was a child. It seems there is quite a deal of nervous concern over all the “bad influences” Audrey could come in contact with. But, remember, this was the typical tension of the 1920s between the generations. It would have been very difficult for Annie to understand all the relatively liberated things young women were doing in the 1920s.

Then there’s the “movies” in quotation marks. Love it.


According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, the word “movie” was first used in

1912 (perhaps 1908), shortened form of moving picture in the cinematographic sense (1896). As an adjective from 1913. Movie star attested from 1913. Another early name for it was photoplay.

On this day in History: February 28, 1927 (Monday)

Charles Lindbergh arrived at the factory of Ryan Airlines in San Diego, placed the order for the construction of what would become one of the most famous airplanes in history, the Spirit of St. Louis, then remained in the city during the craft’s construction.

(source: Wiki)


1927.02.26-28 - Annie F Morris diary

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