January 8, 1927: “contrary to my expectations”

Jan 8th. The Baldwins came + contrary to my expectations I had a very pleasant time. Of course all the rest of the family enjoyed it too. Had a “collation” which was very enjoyable. The others played Bridge. The “old lady” read the papers. got to bed about half past two. Soots kept me awake most of the night. It has been a beautiful day + my check came this p.m. making it doubly so. I do feel very thankful to the “giver of all good” for his goodness to me. I know he must have put it into Ben’s heart to send it to me. I can now get those things I needed so much. Audrea took her violin lesson this morning. Mr. Baldwin thinks she has talent which added to my happiness.

Notes + Explanations:

So, it looks like “contrary to her expectations”, our dear Annie is capable of experiencing some happiness. Good for her.

Some quick terminology help: According to Wiki, a “collation” is a light meal:

The term “collation” originates in the Roman Catholic Church, where it refers to the two small meals allowed on days of fasting, with or without abstinence. Traditionally, the reading in Benedictine monasteries of excerpts from Collationes patrum in scetica eremo, written by John Cassian, was followed by a light meal.
– Wikipedia
Another online source, The Food Timeline, concurs:
“The English vehemently defended their custom of taking breakfast. Most agreed in condemning the between-meal and late-night snacks, or “merenda” and “collations.” The latter term originally referred to the light monastic meal at the end of the day, which derives its name from John Cassian’s “Collations,” which was read during the meal. It eventally came to mean all late-night nibbles or after-dinner dainties”
Eating Right in the Renaissance, Ken Albala [University of California Press:Berkeley] 2002 (p. 112-3) –

I’m not sure who (or what) Soots is… perhaps a cat? I could be reading the handwriting incorrectly as well. Let me know if you think it says something else.

It’s nice to see Annie taking interest in Audrey’s violin playing. Audrey (who is my grandmother, remember) eventually went on to be a concert cellist, so it’s interesting that she started out in violin. Well, it’s interesting to me anyway…

 Original Diary Page:

1927.01.08 - Annie F Morris diary

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