January 23, 1927: “spent the day reading”

Sunday 23rd
Dull + much colder. looks like rain but think its too cold. Dont feel well my back + sides aches badly. Have spent the day reading. The family got back a little past six. Did not expect them so early but it began to snow + they were afraid to stay later. All very tired soon went to bed.

Notes + Explanations:

Ah, ok. So Clarence didn’t go to Salem alone. He went with Edith and Audrey, it sounds like. It’s strange that she often refers to him leaving or arriving by car without mentioning that there are other people in the car. Perhaps just an early importance placed on the actual driver?

Not much else going on in this post. I’ll leave it there for today!

Original Diary Page:

1927.01.22-24 - Annie F Morris diary

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