June 24, 1927: “a card filled with As”

Friday 24 A most perfect June day. The weather thro the week has been cloudy with showers + heavy rains. Audrea came home at eleven o’clock in great spirits for school closed today untill the seventh of Sept. She had a card filled with As which was very satisfactory.


coming soon…

On this day in history: June 21, 1927 (Tuesday)
  • In an incident of antisemitism that shocked the United States, three Jewish physicians, interning at the Kings County Hospital Center in Brooklyn, were grabbed from their beds, bound and gagged, dunked in ice cold water, and threatened with reprisals if they didn’t quit the traditionally “Christian” institution. The perpetrators turned out to be other M.D.s, a group of 20 of the men’s fellow interns.[46] The victims pressed charges, and six of the attackers were expelled.[47]
  • Born: Carl Stokes, first African-American Mayor of a major U.S. city politician, in Cleveland, where he was Mayor 1968-1971 (d. 1996)
On this day in history: June 22, 1927 (Wednesday)
  • The South Dakota state legislature, meeting in special session, voted unanimously to rename Lookout Mountain, elevation 5,971 feet, in honor of the President, who had moved to the state for the summer. Mount Coolidge overlooks what is now Custer State Park.[48]
On this day in history: June 23, 1927 (Thursday)
  • General Motors CEO Alfred P. Sloan changed automotive history by creating the “Art and Color Section” for the design of all GM automobiles, with Harley Earl to plan vehicles that would be visually appealing.[49]
  • A grand jury in Los Angeles issued an indictment of 55 persons associated with the Julian Petroleum Company, on charges of conspiracy to swindle investors of millions of dollars. Sales of worthless stock had been halted on May 6.[50]
  • The Cleanliness Institute, with a mission of increasing sales of personal care products through education and press releases, was founded in New York City by Sidney M. Colgate, president of the Association of American Soap and Glycerine Producers.[51] “The institute was short-lived,” an observer noted 80 years later, “but helped give birth to the shelves of deodorants, soaps, shampoos, toothpastes, mouthwashes, teeth-whiteners, douches and antibacterial lotions that fill our pharmacy shelves today.”[52]
  • Born: Bob Fosse, American choreographer and director, winner of 8 Tony Awards; in Chicago (d. 1987)
On this day in history: June 24, 1927 (Friday)

(source: Wiki)


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