January 22, 1927: “can scarcely drag around”

Satyrday the twenty second
Clarence got home last night about eleven. This morning is dark + dismal. Am feeling badly can scarcely drag around will not do much house work. P.m. Clarence left for Salem again about four to stay untill tomorrow night.

Notes + Explanations:

First of all, let’s talk about Annie’s odd spelling of Saturday as “Satyrday”. The origin of the word for this day of the week is an interesting one, with almost all reputable references (therefore, also Wikipedia) pointing towards ‘the day of Saturn’ as the origin.

The Romans named Saturday dies Saturni (“Saturn’s Day”) no later than the 2nd century for the planet Saturn, which controlled the first hour of that day, according toVettius Valens. (source – Wiki)

However, when you search for the origin explained specifically with the spelling “Satyrday” it gets weirder.  A whole bunch of fringe religious groups and thinkers have dedicated a lot of time exploring the historical links between Saturn and satyrs (mythological half-man, half-goat creatures). They claim a link with Satan and Paganism, suggesting that Saturday was actually a day of pagan worship.

A few links, in case you’re interested (but keep in mind the validity of the sources):

Anyway, I don’t mean to imply that Annie is in line with these fringe religious interpretations. I skimmed ahead, and not once anywhere else in this volume of her diary does she use this spelling. Sure, we could say it might be an error. She has made other strange spelling errors.

More likely, she is using a play on words to suggest that this particular Saturday had a bit of a Pagan influence. Further more, it might be another slight towards Clarence, as she is oddly succinct about his trip to Salem and his late arrival home the night before.

Of course, she could also just be tired and not very descriptive for that reason. I still think the “satyr” reference in intentional though.

I wonder why Clarence is going to Salem to spend the night there alone without Edith. Hm.

Historical Context:

So I’ve been reading (albeit slowly) this book by Bill Bryson, “One Summer: America 1927”. Since it’s focused on the events of the late spring and summer of 1927, there has been little that specifically relates to the diary so far, but a lot of the general observations about life in 1927 are quite interesting. I’ve been highlighting interesting bits in my Kindle, so I thought I would keep track of them on a page here for you to benefit from. Check it out: “One Summer: America 1927“.

Original Diary Page:

1927.01.22-24 - Annie F Morris diary

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