April 9, 1927: “a regular fool”

Saturday the ninth
An eventful day. In the a.m. Edith + Audrea went to take her violin lesson, she did well as usual. Ruth came down in the early p.m. + the girls went out roller skating most of the afternoon untill Ruth hurt her foot + they had to come in. Edith + Clarence went out to do their Saturday shopping + Ernest came in, He was in his worst mood braying + strutting around the room untill I was all tired out. When they got back we had dinner + we asked him to stay. After the usual ??? + ??? he accepted + we set down. Clarence tho’t he saw a chance to be funny + began his usual line of talk when he tries that line. Ernest got mad + made a regular fool of himself. I think he had been drinking for he acted more than silly. He left the table + rushed out of the house but not untill he had finished his dinner. I think it will be some time before he eats here again. In a short time the Baldwins came in. we had not time to get our feathers smoothed so of course they heard all about it. Then they told their trials + we both felt better. They went home at half past one. I washed up the dishes read some + the birds were twittering + it was light when I went to bed. Some day.

On this day in history: April 9, 1927 (Saturday)

Li Dazhao, co-founder of the Chinese Communist Party, was arrested in Beijing after Chinese troops invaded the embassy of the Soviet Union. Li was charged with espionage and convicted and executed less than three weeks later.

Sacco and Vanzetti case: Ferdinando Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti were sentenced to death by Judge Webster Thayer after a controversial conviction for murder. The two men were executed on August 23.

Led by Nat Holman, the Brooklyn Celtics won the U.S. professional basketball championship, defeating the Cleveland Rosenblums, 35-32, for a three game sweep of the American Basketball League series.

The SS Carl D. Bradley was launched onto Lake Erie at Lorain, Ohio. At 639 feet (195 m), she was the largest vessel to sail on the U.S. Great Lakes at that time in history. The ship would sink in Lake Michigan on November 18, 1958. All but two of her crew of 35, most of whom were from the tiny northern Michigan town of Rogers City, would perish.

(source: Wiki)


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