April 28, 1927: “the poor dear”

April 28. Aunt Min came today + will stay two nights with us. She will have to sleep with me + I don’t feel very well + will not be able to toss around as I like to do, but I feel sorry for the poor dear + will do my best to make her have a good time. hope “Amos + May” don’t come while she is here.

On these days in history:
APRIL 26, 1927 (TUESDAY)
  • Lt. Commander Noel Davis and Lieutenant Stanton H. Wooster, who were aspiring to win the Orteig Prize by becoming the first persons to fly an airplane from New York to Paris, were killed in a test flight of their Keystone Pathfinder monoplane. Unable to climb with its heavy fuel load, the American Legioncrashed into trees while attempting a takeoff from Virginia’s Langley Field.[48]
  • The Carabineros, national police force of Chile, were created by decree of President Carlos Ibáñez del Campo. Azun Candina, in Public Security and Police Reform in the Americas (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2006) p80
April 28, 1927 (Thursday)
  • In Aba, Japan, three-year-old Chyu Kuryama was struck by a small meteorite, which was later displayed in a museum. Although she was hit in the head, she was not seriously injured. The first reported instance in the United States of a person being hit by a meteorite would be on November 30, 1954, when Mrs. E. Hulitt Hodges of Sylacuga, Alabama, would be hit by an 8 pound stone.[49]
  • The airplane Spirit of St. Louis, piloted by Charles Lindbergh, was flown for the first time, shortly after he had overseen its manufacture in accordance with his specifications. Lindbergh tested the single engine monoplane at the Dutch Flats, near San Diego. On May 20, he would use the craft in an attempt to become the first person to fly an airplane from New York to Paris.[50]

(source: Wiki)


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