January 25, 1927: “the services are at two thirty”

Tuesday 25th
A beautiful day which under the circumstances is a great deal to be thankful for. Clarence + Edith got away at twenty minutes to twelve. The services are at two thirty but they wanted to go early. The house was filled + the flowers were beautiful. great quantities of them. There are so many relatives + friends. Julia + her son Floyd came on from N.Y. + went back at night, so there was meals to get + dishes to wash beside countless other things to do. When they went to the cemetery C. + E. stayed + put the house in order, removing as well as they could all trace of what had occured. I had no one to do that for me + I know what it means to come back + find everything just as we left it. They got home about ten o’clock. Edith talks of going down over the weekend. Unfortunately I am feeling very miserable but dont dare to say much about it.

Notes + Explanations:

So I guess Annie really is housebound from her health, so much so that she can’t make it to Mattie’s funeral herself. She must be reporting on what Edith told her when they returned. I wonder if Audrey went.

The friends or relatives mentioned, Julia and her son Floyd… I’m not sure who they are, but they probably got mentioned by name because they came all the way from New York, which would have been noted.

Annie’s brief mention of John’s funeral and how she didn’t have anyone to help her get the house in order is surprising. It seems from the newspaper articles that they had many friends and relatives around. Perhaps she had shooed them away.

It’s also curious that she says Edith might go “down” there… when Salem is really up from Arlington!

Original Diary Pages:

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2 thoughts on “January 25, 1927: “the services are at two thirty”

  1. Al says:

    This is distressing. Mrs. Parker is gone and we don’t even understand what happened!! We’ve hardly even gotten to know her very well. Annie is clearly not feeling well. I think this speaks volumes about the relationship between these two families and about Edith and Clarence.


    • dearmariana says:

      I know! Unfortunately I don’t think the Mass daeth certificates for 1927 are available yet. Otherwise, it might give a clue as to what happened. But I suspect something heart related or similar, since it seemed sudden.


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