February 4, 1927: “with me all the time”

Friday 4th A beautiful day but an awful night the wind blew so I was afraid something would happen. Did not sleep, could not. If I could only stop thinking but Mrs. Parker is with me all the time. Feel a little better today but so nervous

Notes + Explanations

Well, not much to add today from the actual entry, but check out the Lester Cousins page again – I just updated that a bit more.



1927.02.02-04 - Annie F Morris diary

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4 thoughts on “February 4, 1927: “with me all the time”

  1. Dorothy Paxton says:

    I was trying to find death certificate for Annie so I could see cause of death but seems to be some error on my tree as it says she died in 1885 and I know that cannot be right.
    The problem as I know it with the boys living with Deverd Lester was they were mistreated therefore at some point they were living with Joshua Morris but where was Amozelle as she is not listed on that census. I think I sent that census to you but maybe I didn’t.> Dottie

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    • dearmariana says:

      Hi Dottie! Yeah, I don’t have the death information on Annie either! I found an index in the Massachusetts Deaths that may or may not be her – it’s for December 1933. I’d have to order it to check it for sure. I keep thinking I’m going to run into an obituary, but I haven’t been able to find one yet.

      I didn’t know about Clarence T and Chris having problems at Deverd’s. That’s a shame. I know the census you’re talking about – where the boys are at Joshua’s and Amozelle is not there. She could have been up at their cabin near Bath, Maine. It’s listed as their “summer residence” in various city directories. Let me see what I can find…


  2. Dorothy Paxton says:

    Did I tell you Clarence Thomas’s wife was Grace Pearl Stone. Very active in Mary Baker Eddy Christian Scientist Church
    I was also told he had been married before and had 2 children. He died of stomach cancer.

    Grace Pearl Stone
    wife of uncle Birth 20 Nov 1909 in Arlington, Massachusetts, USA Death 20 Sep 1993 in Portland, Cumberland, Maine, United States of America ✎Edit this person


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