March 18, 1927: “fourty eighth anniversary”

Friday the eighteenth
Cloudy + warm. Edith washed the kitchen curtains. This is my fourty eighth anniversary I dont look or feel much like the girl that was married fourty eight years ago today. I’m an “old woman” I did not realize then that I would ever be called that. I tho’t life was going to be all “cakes + ale” because I was going to spend it with John. Well soon it will not make much difference. Usually have Bessie + Lill up but Edith did not seem to want them this year + Clarence was home. Read aloud + went to bed.


coming soon…

On this day in history: March 18, 1927 (Friday)

Northern Expedition: Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek‘s Nationalist forces arrived at the defensive line protecting the city of Shanghai. Instead of defending against the enemy, the garrison commander collaborated with the Nationalists, as well as handing over the plans for city’s defense. Though offered a position with Chiang’s forces, the officer who betrayed his commander declined to work further with them. One author wrote later, “Stupidly, he went home to Shandong, where he was executed

A tornado leveled the town of Green Forest, Arkansas, killing 16 people and injuring more than 50. In all, 26 people were killed in the storm.

(source: Wiki)


1927.03.17-18 - Annie F Morris diary

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