March 5, 1927: “never expected would happen again”

Saturday the fifth
Dull + cloudy. Audrea went down in the car for her violin lesson + did well. Mrs Baldwin came in for a few moments while we were eating dinner, was going to the movies. She had better go while she can for she wont get much chance later. Ruth came down to dinner + she + Audrea roller skated all the afternoon. Ruth had ten pounds of sugar + a jar of milk to carry up the hill. Fortunately for Ruth Emma came down + helped her. Got a bundle of “Acadians” from Billerica, which I never expected would happen again. My check has not come as yet + I get so nervous I trust nothing happens that I do not get it.


This was a somewhat eventful day for Annie, it seems. Audrey’s violin lessons going well, a strange reference to Mrs Baldwin‘s future time commitments that I don’t quite understand, and Ruth Lester‘s trek up the hill with enough sugar to last all year!

Then there’s the mention of the “bundle of ‘Acadians’ from Billerica”. The only thing I can think is that she is talking about The Acadian Reporter, a newspaper from Halifax, Nova Scotia, near where she was born and grew up. Why they would be coming from Billerica, Massachusetts, I don’t know. And why she thought that would never happen again, I also don’t know. Anyone have any other ideas?

And lastly, there’s the infamous monthly check from Ben Newcombe. Still no details on that.

On this day in history: March 5, 1927 (Saturday)

Notre Dame defeated Creighton University, 31-17, to finish the 1926-27 college basketball season with a record of 19 wins and one loss. The Helms Athletic Foundation later recognized the Notre Dame as the mythical national champion in a 1941 poll.

General Motors introduced the LaSalle, a smaller and more maneuverable luxury automobile.

(source: Wiki)



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